Laser Marking of ECC two hundred 2nd Matrix Codes on Printed Circuit Boards

Makes of digital solutions, from your property audio gear to automotive keyless entry methods, are progressively searching for a reliable, price tag highly effective procedure for uniquely pinpointing and tracking merchandise from the generation cycle, product or service gross sales distribution and after-sale guarantee verification. An autonomous, automatic checking software requires that a everlasting, machine-readable code be applied to an inside printed circuit board to uniquely ascertain each products or services. shipping labels The code need to be challenging ample to outlive producing techniques this sort of as wave solder and board cleaning, will need not to have an impact on circuit operation, and should retailer data through the little space readily available on real-estate aware printed circuit boards.

The 2nd matrix code gives a means to keep alphanumeric character strings in fairly small areas of the printed circuit board. Laser marking engineering presents a method for fully making use of 2nd matrix codes to most board substrates. The high-resolution and high-accuracy of beam-steered laser marking methods offers the implies to create efficiently described, high dependability codes regardless of code dimension. Laser marking also supplies the customer using a computer-controlled marking approach for simple implementation into automated goods monitoring units.

ECC 200 next Matrix Codes

Two-dimensional symbologies encode information while from the form of a checkerboard pattern of on/off cells. Sure advantages of Facts Matrix codes previously mentioned standard 1D barcodes consist of:

· Encode data digitally, in lieu of the analog encoding of knowledge in popular barcodes.

· Can accommodate low-contrast printing specifically on factors with no will need of necessitating a label

· Give really large details density – the top amid other repeated 2nd codes, which means you may place plenty of knowledge in a really compact area.

· They could be scaleable, meaning you are able to print them and skim them in various amounts of magnification – only constrained by way of the resolution of your to choose from printing and imaging methods.

· On account of the sizeable information density inherent to Details Matrix codes, additionally they supply built-in error-correction treatments which allow completely recovering the information encoded inside of a incredibly Facts Matrix picture although the mark is broken and lacking approximately 20% of the image.

· They are able to be go through by on line video clip cameras vs . a scanned laser beam used for looking through standard barcodes, which means which they may be examine in almost any orientation.

ECC 2 hundred Understanding Matrix is taken into account probably the most very well recognized 2-D symbology with detailed use in automotive, aerospace, electronics, semiconductor, healthcare products and various producing unit-level traceability applications. Information Matrix codes are generally not switching normal linear barcodes, but are being made use of wherever typical barcodes ended up way much too significant, did not supply sufficient storage probable, or wound up unreadable.